Our Virtual Classes 


One to Two Classes per 8 week session - $112 each

Three (or more) classes per 8 week session - $96 each

Sign up for the SEMESTER (Session 1 & 2) for ONE or more class - $192 per class ($96 per session)



($50 for students already enrolled in 3 or more classes)

Our 2020 Fall Semester will comprise of TWO 8 week sessions.

No class on Labor Day (9/7) or Week of Thanksgiving (11/23-11/27)

Classes meet weekly and comprise of 45 mins of content and extension activities the majority of which will be live group time but some pre-recorded or external content may also be included for you to complete at your discretion.

Pre-records (PR) are content designed to allow individual students some asynchronous (not live or in real time) learning time via materials, links, read-alouds, extension activities and interest-led inquiries and projects. Asynchronous learning gives students the opportunity to engage their work on their own time at their own pace. Synchronous learning will be all the time we spend together online live, or in real time, and will provide that highly valuable opportunity to feel involved and more engaged in the group experience. 

Project-based learning (PBL) allows for two critical elements in facilitating learning: 1) the power of student choice and 2) the power of connection.  Oftentimes when an individual can touch and manipulate something, they are able to better understand it than when they just hear or read about it. Research shows that when students engage in a kinesthetic activity, the two hemispheres of their brains are stimulated simultaneously.  Our PBL approach is intended to help ensure that new information and skills are stored in student’s long-term memory and be especially helpful in making abstract concepts, such as history, math and science, concrete.  We hope that this will offer the best blend for all our students.


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